10 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: Whats your snapchat username? Every slut these days has one.

Of course I have one, but I’d never tell the name duh.

05 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: What's the biggest dick you've ever taken?

One time I had a threesome with this guy and his roommate and I swear to you his dick was 12 inches long.  It was the biggest I’ve ever seen let alone taken.  I was so sore I could hardly walk the next day.

05 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: Have you ever made a sex tape?

Yes, I’ve made 2 sex tapes with my ex boyfriend, but never with a rando.  It’s fun, but awkward to watch yourself afterwards.  But hey, guys love it.

02 1 / 2013

Anonymous said: What do you consider a "big" dick and what do you consider the ideal size?

Ideal size depends on the relationship. For someone I’m dating, as in going to be having sex with regularly, pretty much every day, I’d like about 7”. Too big and that shit will tear you up after much repeated use.

A big dick would be like 8”-10”. Any bigger than that and you’re just god damn blessed.

20 12 / 2012

So my replacement sucked dick.  Not in the literal sense, but in the totally lame, not fun, dumb kind of way.  So here I am, back in the game.  

As always, feel free to ask me anything you want/post about how much you missed me/wanna kiss me.

Hugs and BJs,


25 11 / 2012

Anonymous said: If a girl’s thong is showing, then should a guy tell them to pull up their pants? Why even wear a thong if it’s always showing? Do girls just wear thongs to show them off?

I’m not really sure why some girls feel the need to wear their thongs above their pants. If they are doing it intentionally, they need to realize that that style belongs to the sluts of the 1990s. However, it may also just be a wardrobe malfunction and she may not even realize it. Do not tell her to pull up her pants, because that is rude and you will definitely not get laid.

13 11 / 2012

Anonymous said: i have like approach anxiety when i see a cute girl i want to talk too. do you have any advice on conversation starters and such so it dosnt look like im a typical nervous guy hitting on her

You even seem nervous as I am reading your question. I would suggest getting some xanex first. Then, I would just go up to the girl and have a normal conversation with her. If she’s a nice girl, she’ll enjoy that you came up to her. Don’t make it obvious that you are nervous, and just ask her general questions. If she’s a bitch, walk away before she walks away from you.

13 11 / 2012

Anonymous said: I have a girlfriend, but there is a girl at work that's amazingly hot and we get along so great. How do I know whether this girl likes me? Can I persue an office affair with her and how do I approach it?

I am not one to encourage affairs, especially in a work environment. You will hate your job if things don’t end up working out. If you still want to go for it, you can tell if the girl likes you if she goes out of her way to talk to you or see you at the office. If you guys are already friends, I would ask her if she wants to grab drinks one day after work, something casual. If that works out, you can take things from there.

28 9 / 2012

Anonymous said: Yo I work in center city too. Where we going for happy hour after work? Free yuengling light day. Let's get weird and possibly naked together later tonight.

Sounds good to me. When and where?

28 9 / 2012

Anonymous said: So I'm newly 21 and not the best at starting conversations with guys... what's your advice on getting them to notice you/buy you a drink?

Spray your hair with perfume and flip your hair behind your shoulder when standing next to a guy at the bar. Show some cleavage and crack a smile and they will flock to you.

As for conversation, ask what they’re drinking… Make a subtle remark as to why what you’re drinking is superior to what he’s drinking and he will probably buy you something to challenge you. For example: I love whiskey and tequila to challenge guys. If a guy is at the bar getting Jolly Rancher shots for his friends I generally laugh and say “what you don’t drink whiskey?” or I’ll order a shot of Patron and say cheers or something. It makes them feel like shit and makes you look like a bad ass. Go you.